Art Clubs

Gallery BidsArt will be happy to set up an exhibition in Art Clubs and we put together a special selection that is unique for the individual Art Club. We send out brochures and art prints, and it is also possible to come by the Gallery for a chat and a coffee to discuss possibilities and collaborations.

Download a PDF with a presentation of Julie Bidstrup's artwork.

Exhibition at Rigshospitalet (Denmark's leading hospital)

Rigshospitalets kunstforening

Exhibition at ASE

Ase kunstforening

Exhibitions at Alm. Brand (insurance company)

Alm. Brand kunstforening

At Gallery BidsArt we also host Art & Bubbles where Julie Bidstrup talk about the stories behind her paintings. If your Art Club could be interested in a closed company event (min. 10 people) this can be arranged. Se mere om "Kunst & Bobler".

Contact Julie Bidstrup at +45 3114 2220 or write an email to to find out more.