Life of a Girl II, 140x120 cm

Life of a Girl II, 140x120 cm

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Painting made based on the poem written by Danish author Tove Ditlevsen, it is written into the fabric of her dress. The fleeting and dreamlike of the seed parachutes of the dandelion and the careful - or bombastic - steps of a child on the road towards life are combined with strong happy colours.

The raw realism in the poem adds the extra layer to the painting:

"Your dream was fragrile child
and doomed to die
your innocence became less pure
from the lessons you learned.
On the hard ground of the city pavement
your delicate and furtile seeds fell,
when reality broke into your heart."
Tove Ditlevsen (translated from Danish)

Second picture of two inspired by Tove Ditlevsen.

Acrylic on canvas.

Measures 140 x 120 cm / 55.1" x 47.2"