Bumblebee, 100x200 cm

Bumblebee, 100x200 cm

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A bumblebee is not designed to fly. Its body too big and heavy for the small wings. Yet - it still flies.

The attention to detail in the bee is meticulous, in the right light is shines. A girl inspired by the Czech painter Alphonse Mucha keeps it company.

Mucha died in 1939 and is well known for his contributions to the style of Art Nouveau, where the opulent and extravagant got a place and the concept of 'more is more' was brought out to a great extent.

Mucha was responsible for bringing the sumptuous decoration out to the people of all classes. And with that art became available to everyone, not just the upper-class.

Even the impossible is possible if one just nurtures the energy and the faith.

Acrylic on canvas.

Measures 100 x 200 cm / 39.4" x 78.7"