Top Hat, 120x100 cm
Top Hat, 120x100 cm
Top Hat, 120x100 cm

Top Hat, 120x100 cm

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He looks out at us from underneath his top hat - wondering.

The ostrich is also present in other pieces by Julie Bidstrup as a symbol of resilience. A story which funnily originates from a TV advert in which an ostrich practises flying and succeeds. That has to be the absolut goal of resilience.

But you cannot be waering your flight helmet all the time, or be constantly prepared. Makes sure that there is space and permission to wear a silly knitted hat.

Random thoughts and worrying is slobbily written in the background followed by a 'FUCK IT!'.

The French words are quotes from a documentary about Hergé, the author of Tintin, who spent most of his life searching for a lost soulmate. A search, not an escape.

The mushrooms are - are always - a refence to Alice In Wonderland and her journey between the imagined and the fantastic. Pink mushrooms with melted soft-ice.... What's not to like?

Measures 120 x 120 cm / 47.2" x 47.2"