Take a Break (Original), 145x155 cm
Take a Break (Original), 145x155 cm

Take a Break (Original), 145x155 cm

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The painting is titled 'Hold en pause' in Danish.

In a presentation I once heard a business coach talk about the importance of not talking and sometimes letting other people do the talking. In big, bold letters he wrote on his whiteboard: 'Take a break - and observe what happens next'. That statement led to this painting, it was the first thing written on the white canvas.

A sketch by Picasso was the inspiration to the woman. She sits in a jumble of thoughts, life is happening around her... and she takes a break. It can be quite difficult to stay seated. The birds are her helpers, one of them is making sure she doesn't get up any time soon by perching on her hand.

This painting is about mindfullness, immersion, and being present. It is about getting in touch in with and taking care of yourself - only then can be there for other people.

Acrylic and pen on canvas.

Measures 145 x 155 cm / 57.1" x 61"