Gerda (Original), 90x130 cm
Gerda (Original), 90x130 cm
Gerda (Original), 90x130 cm

Gerda (Original), 90x130 cm

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The neat woman is painted on cardboard from an IKEA delivery, and suddenly the cardboard has value. She is getting ready for something, but is she a high society lady or is she a lower-class working girl?

'And' (in Danish 'og'). About roles, and gender, and diversity, and the challenges, and respect, and salary, and value and so so much more.

The word 'And/Og' is important, that is the reason the letters are metal. Bought from a salvage company, battered and used, but still strong and ever lasting.

Painted on March 8th, the International Women's Day, inspired by the illustrations by Gerda Wegener.

Acrylic, coal, and pen on cardboard meant for recycling, incl. a grand baroque gold frame.

Measures 90 x 130 cm / 35.4" x 51.2"