Documentation Angels, 140x140 cm
Documentation Angels, 140x140 cm

Documentation Angels, 140x140 cm

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The background is loud and intrusive. Spanish exclamations call out to us and encourages us to go on adventures and just let go. "Vamonos al viaje" * og "Venga con migo" (Come with me).

The little boys are waiting - naked and observing. But they have each other and - along with their gear - they are ready; in shoes that are too big. Only time will tell if they can fill them out.

The painting is about the traces we leave behind, and if it calls out for some thoughtfullness about which values we working to achieve. What is left on the roll of film called life, when we have moved on to pursue the groovy sound?

* From the techno tune ’Ecuador’: "Vamonos al viaje para buscar los sonidos mayores!"
Loosely translated to: "Let's go travelling together to find the grooviest of sounds!".

Acrylic and coal on canvas. Measures 140 x 140 cm / 55.1" x 55.1"