Too Little of Too Much I, 107x210 cm

Too Little of Too Much I, 107x210 cm

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The painting is titled ‘Underskud af Overskud I’ in Danish. 

The painting is one of two parts.

Rasmus the Ostrich calls for nostalgia and the safety of childhood.

In the Danish childrens book he hides every time an opportunity arises. In his adult life he has put on a flight helmet because he must deal with the challenges life presents him with, including the extra baggage he is carrying with him.

A piranha hides behind the joyful colours while a dog longs to be taken seriously and wants to be completed.

Delicate mushrooms are scattered across the painting and in the corner a large piece of machinery appears.

Acrylic on canvas.

Measures 107 x 210 cm / 42.1" x 82.7"