About Julie Bidstrup

Julie Bidstrup (born 1977) works with different techniques to create a unique expression with strong and vivid colours – with an additional touch of neon! Contrasts and stories inspire her, and the style of her creations is found between raw street-art and graffiti, old impressionists, pop-art, and the edgy universe of Tim Burton. Often graphical elements from product sheets and engineering drawings are used to give the creations life and depth – and it is her signature move to allow messages to hide in the many layers on the canvas.

Julie Bidstrup’s paintings are often about patterns, chaos, and quirky characters with crooked destinies to whom you will want to lend a helping hand. Digging down a layer you will find that there is an edge to her symbology and characters. The artwork also portrays hope, as most of her artwork points towards finding help and brighter times ahead. Julie uses symbols and thoughtful reflections to tell her contrasting stories - which have a double meaning in some of her paintings, depending on how it is viewed, both regarding point of view and direction of view. The curious viewer will experience this looking at the creations 'Save Me' and 'Pisseirriterende når det regner sidelæns' (Bloody annoying when it rains sideways).

All of Julie’s creations are of the highest quality, which means the customer is always guaranteed an amazing piece of art on their wall at home. The paintings are done on hand-clamped canvasses using fade-proof paints that lasts for up to 100 years. The lithographs are printed as art prints also using fade-proof inks on high quality watercolour paper. The method used in the printing process is called Giclée print, which grants depth of colour and an exclusivity to the piece. The lithographs are signed and numbered by the artist. Handmade black or oak wood frames with a mount can be purchased additionally to give the piece a beautiful and stylish finish on the wall.

At Gallery BidsArt the customer can borrow a painting and take it home for a “test drive” before finalising the purchase to verify that it is the right painting for you (currently this only applies to customers in Denmark). You are always welcome to come by the gallery if you are interested in buying a Julie Bidstrup creation or just to have a talk with the artist herself and see the pieces in person.